Update on the Farm/Covid-19

On many levels Ray has been preparing for times like these his entire life. I have always said he is the one you want in your alliance on Survivor, and the perfect partner for Naked and Afraid. He is resourceful in everything that he does, and knows how to repurpose and utilize everything to  its maximum potential. He is almost panic proof in the worst of situations.  He is expecting a new full shipment of his pork shortly. Although we do not know yet whether his full team will be on the farm in the coming weeks, Efraim lives on the farm full time, and onions are already being planted. For those already emailing willing to help, many many thanks and stay tuned. Its too soon to put anything in place but I know everyone, including Ray, is committed to helping the farm continue for everyone’s mutual in the short and long term.

Grand Army Plaza
Ray is planning on continuing to go to Grand Army Plaza as long as it stays open. He is  following the increasingly stringent  guidelines sent out by GrowNYC Greenmarkets who are in touch with Office of Emergency Management, the Department of Health, and other City and State agencies.

He will be bringing his pork products ( sausage except breakfast, bacon, chorizo,ground, chops, roasts , onions and potatoes ( now bagged $5 a bag) and eggs. No customer can touch the products prior to purchase and Ray and his team  will select the products – this will also speed up transactions, which is a good thing.  He now has pork bone broth and pulled pork sold in quarts

The Farmstand
We are working on formalizing a way for people to pick up products at the farm.
Stay tuned for details, and local customers, email us at iris@raybradleyfarm.com if you are interested in participating.

FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY – Please consider using Venmo and becoming friends with Ray on Venmo in advance – (@RayBradley23). You can also pay via Square, and if necessary cash will be accepted.

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