Week of 5/17/2021 Curbside Pick up

Please find below our product list of prepared foods and farm products for curbside pick up! You email us your order at jennasilvertown22@gmail.com and we will contact you to arrange contactless payment and curbside pick up!

Pick up days this week will be Tuesday 5/18 between 9:30 and 2PM and Friday 5/21 between 9:30AM-2PM. Cut off to order is Thursday 5/20 before 10AM. Let us know your time preference so that we can try to accommodate whenever possible! Also if you need a different pick up day we might be able to make accommodations on a case by case basis- just shoot me an email to coordinate.

Plants: Mother hen plant $4/plant comes in a 4 inch pot (photo attached). Mother hens are hardy succulent low growing perennials that quickly spread to 2 feet or more when planted and best of all they need minimal water

Produce and eggs:

Asparagus $12/lb (1/2lb min)

Lovage bunch $4/bunch

Fresh cut herbs $4/bunch (please specify which kind you want) Thyme, mint or Chives

Bradley Farm eggs $7/dozen                                                  

Bradley Farm Honey $12/jar

House ground Regular Paprika $10/jar (1oz) Ground dehydrated sweet paprika (capsicum) peppers which makes an iconic bright red powder- AKA “RED GOLD)” coined by Florence Fabricant of the NY Times.

House ground Smoked Paprika $10/jar (1oz) Ground smoked then dehydrated sweet paprika (capsicum) peppers which gives the dark red powder a rich, smoky flavor.

Frozen Farm Raised Pork/Meat Products/Pork Products:

Ground Pork $14/lb (each pack 1lb)

Pork shoulders and butts, tied and rolled, no bone $14/lb

Country style ribs $14/lb  (think rib steaks- have little or no bone at all and are very meaty)

Spare ribs $9/lb

Pork Sausages: 4 types $14/lb (4 sausages in a pack) (each pack 1lb) 
-sweet Italian, hot Italian, chorizo and breakfast sausage

Pork chops $14/lb (2 chops/pack)

Smoked bacon $18/lb

All natural house ground turkey $10/pint (16oz)

All natural turkey meat bundle (each bundle contains 1 drum stick, 1 thigh and 1 wing drumette) $8/lb (bundle weighs approx. 3lbs)

Frozen whole all natural chicken $6/lb

Frozen made from scratch prepared Items: *ALL FROZEN*

Baked not fried black bean, corn, spinach & cheese empanadas $10/pack (2 per pack) filled with black beans (cooked in a vegetable stock for extra flavor!), sautéed corn, spinach and mozzarella cheese seasoned with Ray’s paprika and thyme. Great as an appetizer or side dish!

Baked not fried ground pork empanadas $11/pack (2 per pack) filled with sautéed farm raised ground pork, carrots, onions, spinach and celery seasoned with Ray’s paprika, thyme and a little fennel. Bake at 325 for 15/20 minutes. Great as an appetizer or side dish!

Pork Liverwurst/pâté $12/each (approx. ¾ lb) A savory spreadable and sliceable sausage made of farm raised pork. Great for a charcuterie board! Spread on bread or crackers or even slice it on a piece of cucumber, onion or tomato.

Ray’s pulled pork $14/quart (1.25-1.30lbs of pulled pork in each quart) Slow cooked, insanely tender shredded pork shoulder (great for sandwiches, tacos and soups!)

Gluten free/vegetarian house made *baked* shiitake mushroom and white navy bean veggie burgers $10/pack (2 per pack) made with diced shiitake mushrooms, onions, carrots, spinach, quinoa, quinoa flour, eggs and pureed white navy beans, seasoned with paprika, thyme, chives, salt and pepper. Pan fry till golden brown

Helena’s Potato Cheddar Pierogies $16/dozen Pan fry (w/ a generous amount of oil) until golden brown on each side. Goes well with sautéed onions and a dollop of sour cream!                                                                                      

Frozen Seasonal soups/stocks: ALL GLUTEN FREE *ALL FROZEN*

Clean vegan cream of asparagus soup $12/quart (32oz) A delicious and light soup made with sautéed carrots onions and asparagus all blended together with nettle puree, water and coconut milk. The hearty asparagus flavor really stands out in this soup!

Split pea soup w/ Ham Hocks $13/quart (32oz) A delicious hearty soup made with split peas and onions cooked in Ray’s pork bone broth with pieces of smoked ham hocks, seasoned with thyme and chives NOT VEGETARIAN

Classic vegan heirloom tomato soup $12/quart (32oz)(SERVE HOT OR COLD) A delicious blend roasted heirloom tomatoes seasoned with onions, basil and olive oil 

Immunity boosting All natural bone broths $12/quart (32oz) (all made with carrots, celery and onions) Heat up and sip on its own or add to make another soup with the addition of other ingredients like rice, chicken, meats etc. Even cook your quinoa in it!
-Pork Bone Broth  -Turkey Broth -Chicken Broth  

Sauces & purées: *ALL FROZEN*

Herb Nettle Purée $11/jar (8oz jar) seasoned with marjoram, salt, pepper, oregano, thyme and olive oil (great for making pestos, spread on bread/crackers, add to sauce for pastas, stir into hummus etc)

Frozen pure buttercup squash purée $10/pack (1lb each) heat up and eat as is! Or you can drizzle with some olive oil and salt and pepper. Also great for baking, making soups and dips.Any recipe that calls for canned pumpkin- this makes for a much healthier alternative!

Frozen pure butternut squash purée $10/pack (1lb each) heat up and eat as is! Or you can drizzle with some olive oil and salt and pepper. Also great for baking, making soups and dips. Any recipe that calls for canned pumpkin- this makes for a much healthier alternative!

Frozen Heirloom Tomato Sauce $12/quart(32oz) made with onions, garlic and basil (great for pastas, pizzas, soups etc)

Frozen blanched whole heirloom tomatoes NO SKINS $12/quart (32oz) great for making your own sauce!


Sujan’s Gluten Free Artisanal Chocolate mousse $8/jar (8oz jar) (egg free) dusted with chocolate and sea salt (“heaven in a jar”) says Ray!

Frozen Low sugar Baked Apple-nadas (think apple turnover with a twist!) $8/pack (2 per pack) Stewed chopped apples with raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, lemon juice, a little sugar and flour. Defrost and eat room temp or heat it up!

Blueberry crumble bars $10/pack (2 per pack) Two layers of sweet buttery cinnamon sugar dough sandwiching a fresh blueberry filling. Defrost and eat room temp or heat it up!

Frozen Rhubarb compote $12/jar (8oz jar) great as an ice cream topping, mix into yogurt, use as a pie base or spread on bread!

Maine Wild Blueberry Jam $12/jar (8oz jar)

Italian Cured Meats:

Hot Soppressata$14/each (just under 1lb) coarse chopped pork with Calabrian spices and burgundy wine

Sweet Soppressata$14/each (just under 1lb) coarse chopped pork with whole black pepper corns and burgandy wine

Pepperoni Salami $9/each (just under ½ lb) ground pork, Salt, spices, paprika, Calabrian chili and cayenne. 


Kombucha: 16oz growlers of Calmbucha- Flavor: Rosemary Clooney- essences of rosemary and grapefruit $8/growler (includes $1 growler deposit)


What we remember in a year to forget

When Ray was planning for the 2020 season, ordering seeds, feed, equipment, arranging schedules for getting pigs, chickens, rabbits, talking to guest chefs for potential farm dinners, it was long before COVID was on anyone’s radar. When he made and froze bone broths, soups, purees, tomatoes,sauce, sausages and more, little did he know how important his stockpiles would become… 

Although we are all acutely and painfully aware of what did not happen this season at the farm (farm dinners, happy hours, private parties, camping, casual drop bys, live music to name a few), we honestly are beyond grateful for what did. We were able to supply record numbers of customers in Brooklyn and the New Paltz/upstate area with produce and products for 8 months straight all while staying safe and protected. Everyone complied with the stringent  regulations at the Greenmarket, and our procedures for contactless payment and pick up at the farm. We all managed to stay safe and healthy, and the weather gods and crops rewarded us with no crop failures and bounties of tomatoes, squash, garlic and more!

A special shout out :
To the crew at Grand Army Plaza- Hardeep, Fanny and Erin for your tireless work which is twice as hard during COVID. We are humbled by your ongoing commitment to the farm. 

To Sujan- Stressful times call for comfort food and he did not disappoint.  As many people ate more meals at home, Sujan’s weekly offerings and treats took on special meaning and importance. I know more than one person got addicted to his juicy pulled pork, his flavorful empanadas, and his TO DIE FOR chocolate mousse!

To Jenna- who quickly adapted to the situation as we were going through it . She orchestrated our contactless payment and pick up system and made sure everyone got the food they wanted in a COVID safe compliant manner all over email.  AND taught Ray how to use a smart phone, no easy feat!

To all our neighbors, customers and friends who understood why we decided to keep the farm “closed” and still continued to shop with us, we are forever grateful for your loyalty, your comradery and sustained support. Above all, we’re beyond grateful for your support in continuing Ray’s mission to provide people with real food and produce.

DO WE MISS THIS? OF COURSE WE DO! here is to better days ahead  while we look back…