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If strip bacon is trendy and ubiquitous, then slab bacon is strip’s heady, lesser-seen, deeper sibling. In his Bacon 25 Ways piece in last October’s NY Times, Mark Bittman calls this meaty cut both more flexible form and (typically) better quality.

We all know that if Ray’s selling bacon, whatever the cut, it’s going to be primo quality. But when he’s selling slab, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take some of this special stuff home to try.

Get inspired with even more recipes to get your culinary juices sizzling:

50 Things to Make With Bacon ( – The following ideas would be our picks for Ray’s bacon, even though they don’t all specifically call for slab:  Numbers 11 (Bacon Quiche, pictured above), 22, 28, 30, 31, 33-37, 43

Loa Ortiz tipped us off to this Epicurious recipe she recently discovered:  “I can’t stop making this! Use Ray’s slab bacon [and, when they’re in season, his mustard greens] for a really delicious smoky flavor. There’s minimal cooking required, strong flavors that balance each other out, nothing overpowers anything else, and it’s bright, fresh and healthy but still rich and satisfying.”

* Loa’s recipe adaptations and notes:

  • In place of the onion: Use 1 large shallot, cut in half-moon slices, not finely chopped.
  • If your mustard green is young and tender, no need to remove the ribs.
  • Doubling the recipe is highly advisable.


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