Max Delivery and Bradley Farm! A winning combo!


It’s been a long time coming, but Ray has made it official.  He will no longer be coming down to the 97 Street Market.
Ray loved all his years there – so so many of his customers have become close personal friends. He will miss all of you, miss his special coffee and sandwiches. But the reality of the situation is multifaceted. It was getting very difficult for him physically and mentally to do back to back markets and the financial vialbility of the market has been waning for many years. 

The GOOD news is that:
1- the farm is only 87 miles away
2- the Brooklyn market is a 25 minute train ride away

3- MAX DELIVERY will now be carrying some of Ray’s Pork!!



We are so excited to announce that Bradley Farm has started working with the well known, and highly reliable Max Delivery, a fabulous at home delivery company (co owned by a long time Bradley Farm customer!) with a one hour delivery time frame.

As a start, they will offer a limited number of Ray’s pork products so we can see how it goes.  Starting today, you will be able to order Ray’s breakfast, sweet, or hot sausages, his ground pork, and pork stew meat. All products are sold at the same price point! ($14/ lb).
Delivery zone is anywhere from 96 Street East and West and below, and there is a minimum order of $30.  For now they are generously offering free delivery with the discount code BRADLEY. Start your online shopping here!

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