Building a Better BLT

Bradley Farm customer and food writer Regina Schrambling tells of her quest for a perfect local BLT using Ray’s heirloom tomatoes on the Epicurious blog!

Photograph by © Bob Sacha

Mistakes are made for learning, I guess. About the only thing I got right in our BLTs the other day was the tomato, a fat, juicy heirloom from Ray Bradley’s farm (that’s him suggestively hefting two more this morning).

I was feeling pretty smug that everything but the mayonnaise was local, and what follows pride? I started with multi-grain bread from Cayuga Pure Organics, which is amazing stuff but way too sturdy, not to mention flavorful, for a BLT. Now I know plain white toast is always better. I used mesclun for the L when crisp lettuce was needed for crunch (I wouldn’t go so far as to think iceberg, though; zookeepers don’t even feed that to animals because it’s so nutrient-free). And the B in the equation was not smoky enough. Luckily, I fried it to a crisp and laid in plenty of it. You should get a blast of bacon in every bite. At least I’m set for the season; the tomatoes are great this year after last year’s wipe-out.

Funny how sandwiches seem so simple when you really need a streak of architect in you to do them perfectly. I’m sure Elvis was even fussy about the proportion of bacon to bananas and peanut butter in his favorite.

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