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Update on the Farm/Covid-19

On many levels Ray has been preparing for times like these his entire life. I have always said he is the one you want in your alliance on Survivor, and the perfect partner for Naked and Afraid. He is resourceful in everything that he does, and knows how to repurpose and utilize everything to  its maximum potential. He is almost panic proof in the worst of situations.

Grand Army Plaza –Ray is  continuing  at  Grand Army Plaza ,following all stringent  guidelines sent out by GrowNYC Greenmarkets who are in touch with Office of Emergency Management, the Department of Health, and other City and State agencies.

The Farmstand – We are continuing to offer safe  people to pick up products, both  at the farm with pre pay and pre order.
Email us at if you are interested in participating. The list of what is available is below and will be updated every Sunday.

FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY – Please consider using Venmo and becoming friends with Ray on Venmo in advance – (@RayBradley23). You can also pay via Square, and if necessary cash will be accepted.

Fresh cut flower Bouquets:

Zinnia Bouquets: 15 stems for $10


New product:

Local raw wildflower honey $12/jar Harvested locally in New Paltz, NY. Light sweet amber honey. A spoonful goes a long way if you suffer from allergies! Limited supply!


Italian Cured Meats:

Hot Soppressata $14/each (just under 1lb) coarse chopped pork with Calabrian spices and burgandy wine
Sweet Soppressata $14/each (just under 1lb) coarse chopped pork with whole black pepper corns and burgandy wine
Pepperoni Salami $9/each (just under ½ lb) ground pork, Salt, spices, paprika, Calabrian chili and cayenne.


Heirloom Tomatoes:

Sun gold cherry tomatoes $5/pint


Black Krim $4/lb (1lb minimum)

The rich, slightly salty flavor of Black Krim tomatoes makes them great for fresh eating, or for use in juices and cocktail drinks, such as a Bloody Mary. Best suited for slicing and adding to salads or sandwiches, but can also be used in making sauces!


Prudence Purple $4/lb (1lb minimum)

Pruden’s Purple’ is an old family heirloom. It is a potato leaf variety that yields delicious, large fruit with dark pink skin and crimson flesh. The flavor is nice and balanced between sweet and tart.


Striped German $4/lb (1lb minimum)

The Striped German Tomato is a beautiful large sliced variety with very attractive, brilliant and bright orange-marbled stripes! The flat, medium to large, variably ribbed-shoulder tomatoes are shaded yellow and red. The marbled interior of this variety looks absolutely beautiful sliced!


Rose de Berne $4/lb (1lb minimum)

A Swiss heirloom and a Brandywine cousin, truly incredible fruit flavor makes Rose de Berne our favorite tomato for sandwiches.


Vinny’s $4/lb (1lb minimum)

Long banana shape heirloom variety with no gel and very few seeds. Yields a full rich flavor that you treasure when you are making tomato sauce. It also suits itself well for canning/cooking, making salsa and for slicing!


Jimmy’s $4/lb (1lb minimum)

Large pointy, heart-shaped heirloom with a mild, smooth, balanced, though slightly tangy, flavor. This is an all-purpose variety equally well suited for making fantastically rich tomato sauce or for slicing.



Bradley Farm eggs $7/dozen
Mesclun Mix (mixed greens) $12/1lb bag Shiitake Mushrooms $12/lb (1/2lb min)
Corolla Potatoes $3/lb (1lb min) Loose small onions $4/lb (1/2lb min)
French Gray Shallots $12/1lb (1/2lb min) Garlic $12/1lb (1/2lb min)
Garlic Scapes $10/lb (1/2lb min)
Fresh cut herbs bunches $3/bunch

Chives, lemon thyme, regular thyme, rosemary, basil, summer savory or marjoram (please specify which herb you want)


Bradley Farm Empanadas: bake at 325 for 15/20 minutes

Ray’s ground pork empanadas $10/pack (2 per pack) filled with sautéed onions, swiss chard, zucchini and patty pan squash seasoned with paprika, thyme, parsley and garlic scape puree Navy bean & cheese empanada $9/pack (2 per pack) filled with navy beans (cooked in a vegetable stock for extra flavor!) and mozzarella cheese seasoned with paprika garlic and thyme


Other frozen prepared Items:

Frozen Gluten free/vegetarian house made *baked* veggie burgers $10/pack (2 per pack) made with quinoa, quinoa flour, eggs, diced mushrooms, onions, zucchini, patty pan squash, garlic scapes and pureed navy beans, seasoned with paprika, salt and pepper. Pan fry till golden brown Frozen Cooked Pork Belly Filet $10/pack (each filet is approx .4 of a lb) Marinated and braised pork belly filet in soy sesame oil and brown sugar with peppercorns and juniper berries. Reheat on a hot pan until crispy! slice and eat as is! or slice and put in ramen, soup, fried rice or noodle dish or put in a salad  
Ray’s pulled pork $14/quart Slow cooked insanely tender shredded pork shoulder (great for sandwiches, tacos and soups) Helena’s Potato Cheddar Pierogies $14/dozen Pan fry (w/ a generous amount of oil) until golden brown on each side


Seasonal vegetable frozen soups: 2 for $20 (Except for Heirloom tomato soup) or $12 each

Vegan heirloom tomato soup $12/quart  (32oz) (SERVE HOT OR COLD) A delicious blend of all 6 of our heirloom tomato varieties seasoned with onions and basil
Vegan antioxidant soup $12/quart or 2 for $20 (32oz) (SERVE HOT OR COLD) A delicious immune boosting soup- blend of sautéed sorrel onions carrots and potato flavored with thyme salt pepper and a little bit of cinnamon *Sorrel is high in vitamins and minerals with powerful antioxidant properties!
Vegan mushroom medley soup $12/quart or 2 for $20 (32oz) (SERVE HOT) A very clean soup made with assorted foraged mushrooms, thyme and oregano in a mushroom vegetable stock base. *No salt and pepper- season to taste! heat and eat as it! or add to orzo, rice or pasta w/ a little cream!
Vegan green soup $12/quart or 2 for $20 (32oz) (SERVE HOT OR COLD) Sautéed zucchini, patty pan squash and onions blended into a thick soup (with a little vegetable stock) seasoned with salt and pepper thyme and summer savory
Vegan zucchini onion mushroom medley soup $12/quart or 2 for $20 (32oz) (SERVE HOT) Sautéed zucchini and onions blended into a light soup with sliced foraged mushrooms (shiitakes and golden oysters) seasoned with salt, pepper, basil and garlic scapes


Stocks & Bone Broths:

All natural Pork Bone Broth $12/quart (32oz) made with carrots, celery and onions All natural Turkey Stock $12/quart (32oz) made with carrots, celery and onions
All natural Chicken Stock $12/quart (32oz) made with carrots, celery and onions


Spreads, sauces, compotes & purées:

Frozen Heirloom Tomato Sauce $12/quart (32oz) made with onions, garlic and basil (great for pastas, pizzas, soups etc)
Frozen Gluten free Chicken liver mousse $12/jar (8oz) great as a spread on bread or crackers! Frozen Rhubarb compote $12/jar (8oz jar) great as an ice cream topping, mix into yogurt, use as a pie base or spread on bread!
Garlic Scape Purée $11/jar (8oz jar) (minimal ingredients- just garlic scapes and olive oil) great for making pestos, spread on bread/crackers, add to sauce for pastas, stir into hummus etc) Basil Purée $11/jar (8oz jar) (minimal ingredients- just blended fresh basil and olive oil) great for making pestos, spread on bread/crackers, add to sauce for pastas, stir into hummus etc)

Pickled Items:

Raw Probiotic Sauerkraut-Traditionally Fermented $16/quart (32oz) $8/half quart (16oz) Pickled Bradley Farm Green Tomatoes $10/quart (32oz)


Frozen Mixed berry & rhubarb custard parfait $8/jar Layers of custard, mixed berry and rhubarb compote topped with shortbread cookie crumbles *to defrost stick entire jar in warm water for 15 min*
Sujan’s Artisanal Chocolate mousse $7/jar (egg free) dusted with chocolate and sea salt (“heaven in a jar” says Ray!
Frozen Zucchini Bread $12/loaf made with Ray’s honey and local maple syrup with no other added sugar! *defrost and then slice and eat or even toast it!*


Frozen Farm Raised Pork/Meat Products:

Pork Sausages:  3 types $14/lb (4 sausages in a pack) (each pack approx 1lb)

-sweet Italian, hot Italian and breakfast sausage

Pork chops $14/lb (2 chops is approx 1.5 lbs) SOLD OUT
Ground Pork $14/lb  Pork shoulders, roasts and butts, tied and rolled, no bone $14/lb
Smoked bacon $16/lb Ray’s own whole frozen chicken $6/lb
All Natural Ground turkey meat $7/pint All Natural Ground Beef $9/lb

Ray’s Own:

Bradley Farm Honey $12/jar Bradley Farm Regular Paprika $10/jar


Beverages and Alcohol:

Kombucha: 16oz growlers of Calmbucha- Flavor: Rosemary Clooney- essences of rosemary and grapefruit $8/growler (includes $1 growler deposit) Local Beer 32oz growler $14 or 64oz growler $24

Beer on tap: Köld One from Millhouse House Brewing Poughkeepsie- a classic Kölsch

Kegged Wine: 16 oz growlers of Gotham Project’s 2019 Riesling from the Finger Lakes $18/growler

This youthful and delicate wine dazzles with its multi-dimensional nose of tangerine, lime, and stone fruit. The lightly sweet palate introduces pomelo and Key lime along with acidity that lights up the wine’s light, zesty and vibrant body with pleasantly lower alcohol.

Hard Cider:
4 pack of Nine Pin hard ciders (from Albany, NY) (flavor: signature) $18.25

Hand Sanitizers:

(Made with 90% alcohol, mint and distilled water): Packaged and Botted by The Farmer’s Touch in Clintondale, NY
·         1oz bottle $5
·         8oz bottle $16

Very eventful 2019 season on the farm!

To say it was an eventful 2019 season is an understatement. Despite a rainy and cold start, the late spring, summer, and fall was filled with fabulous seasonal  food, local drinks, local entertainment, along with quiet moments of petting a goat and searching for that perfect tomatoes.  We hosted formal sit down dinners thanks to Chef Patti Jackson and Saul Bolton,  Friday Happy Hours where the likes of Hey Bub, Dream to Be,  Leonisa Ardizzone, and the Bunkhouse Boys provided live music while people enjoyed everything from stuffed cabbage to shephard’s pie to corn fritters and more,  themed Sunday afternoon like Build a BLT, Pierogies and Pints, along with great BBQs, pig roasts and brunches and managed to fit in many great private events to celebrate family milestones and corporate happenings.
Enjoy the pictures!

Events on the farm


Camp on Bradley Farm!

Camping on the farm has been a huge success this summer and we are looking forward to a great fall.  Nestled on 27 acres, you are under the farm’s famous chestnut trees. WE PROVIDE A 10 x 12 canvas TENT, queen bed,2 additional flip out mattresses, battery operated lantern,  fire pit, weber grill with utensils, and portopotty. You can see the beautiful mountain ridge in the distance, and the rows of organic vegetables in front of you. If you want, we can offer sleeping bags, etcs., charcoal or whatever else you need for additional fees.  If you need additional space we now have a pop up tent for an additional $75 that can accomodate two adults.

We adjoin the fabulous 30 mile rail trail, have everything from pigs, chickens, goats, ducks and turkeys, a stocked farm stand, and very frequently we have weekend food events. We have a fully stocked farm stand where you can buy our organic pork to grill, seasonal vegetables or bring a growler and fill it up with some local beer! We can help you make reservations if you want to rent bikes or kayaks!

Making reservations – We will accept 1 night reservations with the exception of holiday weekends, when there is a 2 night minimum. Check in time is 2:00 PM, check out time is 12 noon.  Rate is $120 per night including tax and service.  We are setting up a automated booking system but for the moment to make a reservation send an email with  your name, number in your party, dates you are requesting.  We will get back to you within 12 hours to confirm, send you some more details and a few rules that apply  and then direct you to pay online.

Here is a link to our 2019 calendar in case you want to coordinate your stay with one of our events.

We Finally Have Chef in Residence!!! Meet Sujan Tuladhar

We first met Sujan a few years back when he was  part of the amazing  crew at Deer Mountain Inn. Since that time he has often come to help out at events, hang out with Ray and enjoy the uniqueness of cooking on a farm. Sujan is committed to the concept that the food that he creates reflects the farm that it comes from, and the community it serves.

Sujan knows our customers, family and friends  can taste the local difference and appreciates what cooking in season actually entails. We know he will  bring his true true culinary technique, wisdom, and professionalism to Ray’s produce.

Real farm-to-table cooking  means  that you need to consider ingredients first, and recipes second. Sujan is going to do that and more and we just cannot wait!!!!

We hope you will join us in welcoming him on the farm! This means that:

Starting May 31st we will be…
  • Open every Friday from 5-8 PM for family friendly Happy hours with small plates and bites paired with our beer, wine and cider on tap!
  • Serve lunch every Saturday from 12-4pm
  • Offer an evolving selection of to go prepared foods
  • Be able to book more private dining and family milestone events

Camping at the Farm

The tent has been a huge success this summer, and its looking like a busy fall.

Here are the details:

The tent: We have a fabulous canvas wall 10 x12 fire retardant tent made in the USA with a screened door installed on an elevated wooden deck. It is equipped with a double mattress on a frame elevated off the floor. We also have a separate fold up mattress for kids. The tent can easily accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. Pets are allowed! If you need additional space we have a second pop up tent that sleeps two for an additional $75

Amenities – There is a picnic table, a Weber charcoal grill, with grilling utensils, and a fire pit right by the campsite with firewood provided. There is a small outdoor toilet and all campers will also have 24 access to our farm porto-potty. Campers can have access at the barn to potable water from our hose.  We can also helo you rent bicycles and kayaks if you like.

Making reservations – We will accept 1 night reservations with the exception of holiday weekends, when there is a 2 night minimum. Check in time is 2:00 PM, check out time is 12 noon. Rate is $120 per night including tax and service, discounted by 20% for midweek stays – Tuesdays through Thursday. We are setting up a automated booking system but for the moment to make a reservation send an email to  with your name, number in your party, dates you are requesting. We will get back to you within 12 hours to confirm, send you some more details and a few rules that apply and then direct you to pay online.

Here is a link to our 2019 calendar in case you want to coordinate your stay with one of our events.
So ready set camp – make your reservations now!!!

Max Delivery and Bradley Farm! A winning combo!


It’s been a long time coming, but Ray has made it official.  He will no longer be coming down to the 97 Street Market.
Ray loved all his years there – so so many of his customers have become close personal friends. He will miss all of you, miss his special coffee and sandwiches. But the reality of the situation is multifaceted. It was getting very difficult for him physically and mentally to do back to back markets and the financial vialbility of the market has been waning for many years. 

The GOOD news is that:
1- the farm is only 87 miles away
2- the Brooklyn market is a 25 minute train ride away

3- MAX DELIVERY will now be carrying some of Ray’s Pork!!



We are so excited to announce that Bradley Farm has started working with the well known, and highly reliable Max Delivery, a fabulous at home delivery company (co owned by a long time Bradley Farm customer!) with a one hour delivery time frame.

As a start, they will offer a limited number of Ray’s pork products so we can see how it goes.  Starting today, you will be able to order Ray’s breakfast, sweet, or hot sausages, his ground pork, and pork stew meat. All products are sold at the same price point! ($14/ lb).
Delivery zone is anywhere from 96 Street East and West and below, and there is a minimum order of $30.  For now they are generously offering free delivery with the discount code BRADLEY. Start your online shopping here!

new max

Buy a half a pig!

pig pic

This is a little over 70lbs of meat, (what a half pig yields after breakdown) and representative of all the major cuts. This is a preset package, no substitutions, no special requests. As a courtesy, Ray will divide it into 2 boxes if you don’t have freezer capacity for all of it It includes: 
23 packs of regular cut pork chops, 2 to a package 
2 boneless roasts (2-3 lbs each) 
8 lbs bacon 
1 rack of spare ribs 
5 lbs ground pork 
7 lbs Sweet Italian Sausage 
5 lbs Hot Italian Sausage 
7 lbs Breakfast Sausage 
1 pack trotters 
1 pack fatback 
1 pack leaf lard 
1 bag pork neck bones


honey beer

We are so happy with our collaboration with 2 Way Brewing Company, It’s Ray approved, so you know it is good. Beacon X Bradley Honey Saison, made with Ray’s honey. It’s a two row pale ale and white wheat malt build the foundation for this one of a kind Saison. A generous addition of dark honey from the farm and 2 Way Brewing’s local strain of yeast give this a superb and unique local flavor. Dry, crisp, and refreshing with a fruity nose and hits of coriander this one is crafted with the summer heat in mind. 7%.


Pick your own flowers on the farm!

We are so excited that new for 2018, Ray has planted 2 rows of flowers exclusively to “pick your own”.  This is a great and simple pleasure – walking and selecting blooms, appreciating the plants in a new way, while putting together a beautiful and completely unique bouquet.  Right now we are ready to pick some beautiful Black eyed susies and our zinneas should be good to go very soon! And just like his produce, Ray’s flowers are extra sturdy and grown to last! $1.00 per stem.

u pick bradley farm