Your Fundraising Dollars at Work!

The Gourmet Guys ( who hail from Rosendale not New Paltz, and want the world to know that) have done an incredible job finishing the front end of the barn.  Thanks so much to the following customers who were able to purchase a dinner raffle ticket and make this possible:

Lawrence B, Heather and Brad, Victor P., Katherine B., Paul F., Will and Sandy, Carlos R., Kevin Z., Josh from 97 St., Gabrial C., Alex and Stephi, Curtis C., Kathie C.R., Joan C., Jennifer B., Chrisianthy M., Tammy G., Matt and Jackie, Bill L., Paul and Steffi, LIsa C., Todd E., Risa B., Allison D., Hank U., Harvey L., Louie, Melinda M., Terry and Julie, Anne G., Camille D., Caryl S., Peter M., Amy T., Anne S., Pauline T., Etienne and Marlene, Rena M., Ken and Melissa,  Katherine R. , Carol S. and Dick S, Dori F.

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