What a Dinner at the Farm!

The first farm dinner was held this past Sunday, June 26th. To sign up for the first ever Bradley farm dinner is a testament of true devotion to Ray, to his farm, his charm, and his talent both in the field and in the kitchen. The man did not disappoint, and the pictures truly capture the magic of the event.

The four course meal was incredible (here’s the full menu), the wine pairings by Daniel Johnnes were spectacular (read more about them), and Risa Bell rose to the occasion with amazing desserts. The lucky 42 attendees were a fantastically eclectic group of locals, thirty something Brooklynites, some who endured a three hour traffic jam, and wonderful longtime friends. One lucky diner (with a sticker under her plate) won a $100 gift certificate for Bradley Farm produce. Three wonderful women, ranging in age from 38 to 84 celebrated their birthdays in style. The only complaint of the afternoon??? No salt on the table; who knew Ray was a salt Nazi.

*Check out more great photos from the event.

More details to follow in the weeks to come while we get ready for dinner #2, being held July 17th. For now, hats off to Ray – he truly grows great meals in New Paltz, to Daniel Johnnes for sharing his wine, his stories and his great family, and to the following people who made it all happen in the kitchen:

Paul – gave up a day at his own farm (Veritas) to stand next to Ray all day
Lou – one of the great Rosendale Gourmet Guys
Tim – a man’s man and a woman’s man all rolled into one,a terrific neighbor who can and does move mountains
Risa – not only did she make great desserts, she worked all day, along with her wonderful husband John
Erika – a former Bouley colleague and salad maker supreme
Lionel – what a hard working, amiable young man

Photography by Etienne Frossard.

4 Responses to “What a Dinner at the Farm!”

  1. Darren and Colleen Says:

    Dinner was incredible! Thank you so much. We really hope that you extend your dinner series into the fall. A fall vegetable Thanksgiving warm up. Mmmmmmmm.

  2. Sally and Rose Says:

    Thank you Ray and all the sous chefs, and Iris! It was so much fun, we can’t wait to come back.
    Kudos on the extra scoops of strawberries, followed by three cakes.

  3. Pam and Tom Says:

    Kudos to all… Just a wonderful way to celebrate …It was fabulous, delicious and so much fun!!! Thanks to all for making the day so special! Cannot wait for more… and either can my family… A special thanks to Ray and Iris..

  4. andy satter Says:

    Thank you Ray and Iris and your team for providing us with a meal and an event that we will relish for many years to come. The food was fresh and delicious — the mussels were out of this world — and the wine was, well, outstanding. We felt like we were the center of your universe for 4 hrs – how often does that happen?! Can’t wait to do it again.

    Andy Satter
    New Paltz, NY

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