Enough About Ray: Etienne Frossard

What’s your Ray connection?
I must have met Ray at the Grand Army Plaza market in 1998 or 99. In July 2001 I asked him if I could come up to take some pictures at the end of the garlic harvest. A hot day ended with my camera and I covered with a fine brown dust after a good harvest of images of the last garlic being pulled out and of many heads already drying.

My favorite picture is one that Ray is still using on his farm stand, where a couple of chickens are roaming under a multitude of drying garlic heads. Since then I still enjoy taking pictures of his produce on market days or around his farm to better promote the variety of his work.

What’s your favorite Ray product and why?
Ray’s vegetables taste like those that came out of my aunt’s garden and that I would enjoy during my vacations at her house in the French countryside.

It’s that “right from the ground to the table” bright and complex flavors that make you rediscover the most simple dishes and contribute to the best ones. But out of all of them, his heirloom tomatoes are my favorites. There is just nothing like it. Raw or cooked depending on the variety, they are a delight for the eye and the taste buds.

Okay, now really, enough about Ray. Tell us some fun facts, something about you. Anything about yourself you would like to share with other customers/fans of Bradley Farm.
My niece is a children’s book illustrator in France and she had the idea to combine her detailed and colorful illustrations with my New York City images to tell the story of a young sparrow called Emma. The result is a beautiful book in English called “Emma’s Journey” that just got published here by Enchanted Lion Books. Go to enchantedlionbooks.com to learn more about it or newyorkkids.timeout.com for a review

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  1. Jackie Goodrich Says:

    The book is gorgeous! I just picked up my copy from Community Books via special order, because they didn’t stock it. But at the register, both clerks exclaimed at the book’s beauty. “You know, don’t you, that the photographer is local?” said I.
    “Yes, indeed.”
    “Oh, we’ll definitely be ordering more copies of this.”
    Look for them in the window.

  2. Etienne Frossard Says:

    Thank you Jackie!If you want me to sign your copy I will gladly do it.

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