Bouley Dinner at Bradley Farm 8.21.2011

Keep checking, we will post more photos soon!

Photos by Etienne Frossard

What a way to end the dinner series – David Bouley and his talented staff put together an amazing 6 course dinner, with perfect wine pairings by Daniel Johnnes. More details to follow. A special thanks to Danielle Falcone, the Director of Private Events at Bouley for making sure this event went off without a hitch!

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  1. Peter Matsoukas Says:

    Initially I thought the price for the food and wine was high. After the second course, I felt we underpaid. The food, the atmosphere of the communal eating,the petting zoo, the friendliness of the people eating there and the wonderful Chef and his friendly, attentive staff made it a perfect afternoon. The warmth in the room made me feel that Bouley and his staff were cooking their greatest meal just for us. I felt privileged to be counted among the diners.

  2. jessica lipnack Says:

    I’ve run out of superlatives trying to describe this heavenly event but am reluctant, frankly, to say anything because the word is going to get out and then none of us will be able to go to any of these beyond-delicious meals any longer.

    So shhhhhhh.

    Iris, please take down this site completely.

    Etienne, please stop posting these miraculous pictures.

    And Ray and David…please cook only for us.

  3. Joan Winters Says:

    What a special treat this was…great food, wine, fun to share such an amazing event with people who can appreciate the great efforts of talented, skilled, caring people and hosts.

    Loved it!

  4. jessica lipnack Says:

    And a post on my blog, acknowledging what’s just happened…another coming soon. Picture compliments of Etienne Frossard:

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